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Pig and Horse Love Compatibility

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They love assisting other people and they get a certain thrill from making others smile. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Pigs value loyalty. When that loyalty is ruined or taken advantage of, their lovely nature gives way to the vindictive side.

If a pig man or pig woman is mistreated, they are likely to hold grudges and be vengeful towards those they feel mistreated them. However, if they are treated right, they can make a wonderful mate. They are kind people and adore family. Perhaps this is why they choose to spend most of their time with those that they know recognize and appreciate their efforts. When the horse is dating the pig , the attraction between these two can be intense. Additionally, they are very likable people, with a tendency to be amusing and clever, making those around them completely enamored.

The pig is one of those that will find themselves attracted easily to a horse, given they have a sensual nature that fits the their energy quite well. On top of that, sexually the horse and pig in bed give off an intense sexual energy that some can find deeply appealing. As always, the horse pig marriage compatibility will begin strong and come easy, especially between these two.

The longer they are together, the more understanding will need to develop between them and they will have to learn to adapt more and more.

Living together will only amplify the problems these two can encounter. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! According to Chinese horoscope compatibility , the male or female Pigs are happiest in a peaceful, constant homestead. The male or female horses tend to gravitate toward the opposite conditions, due in part to their higher level of intensity and sharp mind.

They will jump from one thing to another, always moving. However, over time, they are more likely to begin to lose interest and feel the urge to move on. Test Now! When the wanderlust sets in again, and the horse decides to leave, the pig can take it very badly. They hold close friends and family in high esteem. So the horse pig breakup tends to feel like a betrayal to them. What makes this particularly dangerous for them is the fact that pigs will tend to be vengeful towards lovers they feel have mistreated them.

In a Chinese horse and pig friendship, it is easy for them to search for enjoyment together.

They can continue strong like this for a time. The issue comes with the fact they are focused on the happiness in the now and not looking to the future at all. The pig is dependable and can be a good love match for the horse, who is somewhat fanciful. The compelling horse will easily convince their even-tempered lover to agree to most anything. The compassionate Chinese astrology pig sign will enjoy a myriad of activities with the more brazen horse.

Yet they do all this because they desire more intimacy and emotion from their partner. Unfortunately, the horse does not have a natural inclination to give those things freely. If each cuts the other a little slack, they can be good friends. The Pig is happy to provide comfort and love for the brave Dragon, who often gets bruised in battle.

Sexually, the Pig and Dragon are drawn to each other like magnets. That is, of course, if the Dragon continues to keep the Pig in style. Hey, fair is fair! If the Pig and Snake become lovers, they face a rocky road.

Although they both share a love of luxury, neither one of them is interested in slaving away at an office. Fortunately, the Snake is lucky at attracting wealth, and can create a beautiful home for them both. These two cherish their friends and family, and will probably entertain them with a series of sumptuous dinner parties.

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Still, this restraint will create lots of tension between them. As friends, the Pig and Snake fare slightly better. Both of these signs love luxury and have lots of fun shopping. Art, music, and psychology are all topics that intrigue this duo. These pals may decide to take a class on one of these subjects. The Pig and Horse can find love despite their differences. The Pig craves a quiet, comfortable home, but the Horse could care less about the domestic front. The Pig has a knack for attracting money, while the Horse has a penchant for throwing it away.

The Pig takes a laid-back attitude to life, whereas the Horse assumes a combative approach. Even with all of these setbacks, these signs are highly attracted to each other. As friends, the Pig and Horse do better.

Horse Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Horoscope, Horse Pig Signs Compatibility Traits

Both would rather take a job for love than money. Consequently, they could run a very successful business together. The Pig is best suited to working behind the scenes, while the Horse assumes the public role. The Pig can provide the Horse with a welcome sanctuary from the big, bad world, while the Horse can take the Pig on a wild adventure or two. With regard to sex, the Pig and Horse have lots of chemistry.

Chinese Zodiac Horse 12222 | Year Summary

This blissful duo is made for each other. Pigs have a knack for attracting wealth, which allows Goat to stay home and develop their creative talents. The artistic Goat works to create a tasteful home filled with the creature comforts that the Pig adores. If they continue to treat each other with kindness and respect, their love will last a lifetime.

Not surprisingly, the Pig and Goat make great pals, too. The Pig gives the Goat a welcome sense of emotional stability. In turn, the Goat can help the Pig develop his or her creative talents. Simply put, they have too much fun together! Sexually, this couple is a real hit. Pigs are happy to give the Goat the kisses, cuddles, and caresses they need to feel better about themselves. Normally the Goat is prone to sexual temptation, but the Pig is such a satisfying lover that cheating could be avoided altogether. If the Goat does happen to stray, he or she should admit that a tryst occurred.

The Pig is sensual and the Monkey is analytical. The former is a homebody and the latter is a wanderer. Can these two opposites ever find love? Hopefully, they will see their differences as positives, not negatives. As friends, the Pig and Monkey are better suited. The honest Pig can prompt the Monkey to be more truthful in their dealings.

Similarly, the flexible Monkey can coax the Pig away from being too stubborn. These two do love to socialize, and enjoy exploring new clubs and restaurants together.

Horse Man with other Zodiac Signs

With regard to sex, the Pig and Monkey have work to do. The Pig likes to linger over lovemaking, savoring every kiss and caress. The Monkey, on the other hand, likes to move from one position to another, stunning their lover with amazing contortions. Hopefully, the Monkey will stick around for a blissful cuddling session afterward. The Pig just hates being abandoned after sex. For more love insight, toss the coins with a Love I Ching Reading , and start improving your love life now.

12 Animal Signs of the Chinese Zodiac

The Pig and Rooster have a good romantic rapport. Somehow, these two are able to create an abode that is filled with the creature comforts that the Pig loves and the status symbols that the Rooster craves. Yes, the Pig will seem incredibly naive to the wily Rooster, and the Rooster appears to be overly uptight to the laid-back Pig. As friends, the Pig and Rooster find a natural affinity. Sexually, the Pig and Rooster are well suited. Both of these signs are too honorable to betray one another.

The Pig and Dog are beautifully suited, especially when it comes to romance. Neither one of these loyal signs will stray, and can feel confident that their bond will withstand financial shortages and emotional strains. Both of these lovers enjoy socializing, and may host lots of casual get-togethers for their nearest and dearest. With regard to friendship, the Pig and Dog get along swimmingly. The sensual Pig encourages the Dog to relax and forget his or her troubles. With the help of this friend, the Dog can learn the pleasures of good food, fragrant flowers, and colorful artwork.

The Dog, on the other hand, can show the Pig the importance of charity work. Together, they may work to feed the homeless, shelter stray animals, or beautify the community. As far as sex is concerned, the Pig and Dog can form a satisfying bond. Granted, the Pig is a lot more sensual, and may have to coax the Dog into bed with promises of back rubs and foot massages.

For them, sex is a means to express their mutual devotion.

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Pig and Pig When a pair of Pigs get together, get ready for some serious flirting. These two sensualists adore joking and laughing.